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I have been doing composing, arranging, orchestrating, transcribing, notation...
well... just about all facets of music production for over forty years.
I've done everything from simple leadsheets to
full orchestrations & arrangements for musicals...
Click on these links to view examples:
Sheet Music        Multiple Piece Band 2       Big Band 2       Orchestra1 2 3 4 5

From a key change or a special song composed especially for you...
that's what I do.
Small combo's, Big Bands or orchestra pits for a musical,
Pep Bands, Show Choirs... or just a simple piano...
been there, done that.

Pricing varies from job to job, depending on the size and instrumentation.
The best thing to do is
email me with your project needs...
How many songs? How many instruments? How soon is it needed? 

I can also add instrumentation to your recording...
Do you already have a recording that needs some sweetening?
I can add piano, luscious strings, piercing brass...
Almost anything imaginable... and
it's affordable!

It's affordable, in part, by the fact that I don't live in an expensive, thriving metropolis
like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Nashville.
My overhead is much lower and I can pass the savings on to you!
But... I still have many clients in those locations. 
Everyone is dollar conscious these days.
I also work with people from all over the globe. 
Location means very little in the computer age . 
Email & Skype makes us all just a little closer together and easier to contact.
Finished work is sent via email as .pdf files, wave or mp3 files.
Whatever you need.

And Payment is through Paypal...
Safe, efficient & easy.

I have arranged for Patricia Welch.
Patricia is a veteran of the Broadway stage (performing in "
THE KING AND I" w/Yul Brynner)
as well as sharing the stage with
WAYNE NEWTON and the late, great, ROBERT GOULET  in Las Vegas!
Please visit Patricia's website and if you're needing a top-notch, name brand
performer for your corporate gathering, keep Patricia in mind.
You can visit her site here: 

Patricia Welch with the late, great, Robert Goulet & Wayne Newton
(used with permission from Patricia Welch)

For more info on your project, email me at
with your project details and see what I can do for you!


If you're needing basic sheet music quickly, check out sheet Music plus...
There, you can get 'almost' anything you want, sheet music-wise!
(I can do the rest!)

Sheet Music Plus Home Page

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